Memo to Parents

Information memo to parents


Just a few points to clear the air about how we operate and what kind of environment we provide.

We want you to feel comfortable about what we do here for the safety and enjoyment of your child.

Once your child is dropped off they cannot leave the building until the parent arrives to pick them up. At that time we walk or watch them all the way to the car. Any child still waiting for their ride stays inside or stands on the sidewalk under our supervision until the ride arrives. Inside (and we encourage you to take a peak inside to see where your child will be) we provide security to insure the safety and proper behavior of the kids. Any child that doesn’t comply will have the parents notified immediately. We do not tolerate pushing, running or fighting between the teens.

As part of our VIP parties for the teens we offered for free, homemade cookies, chips and snacks and a Welch’s sparkling grape juice toast to make the VIP guest feel special. We have been accused of promoting drinking so the Grape juice toasts  have been cancelled. We will continue the snacks and autograph cards and come up with something to replace the grape juice toasts.

The music we play are all what are called “ clean edits “ to eliminate any profanity.

Parents are welcome to take a look from the door where the entire room is visible but aren’t allowed entrance to co mingle with the teens for obvious safety reasons. Most kids get a text or message as to when to meet the parents outside. In the rare cases that it is necessary to come in to get the teen our security at the door will be happy to retrieve your child for you.

If there is anything you don’t want your child to participate in at Studio 360 please let us know upon their arrival and we will be sure to honor your wishes.

We sincerely want you to feel comfortable with the secure and positive environment we have created for your teens to enjoy.

Our direct number is on the website at so feel free at anytime to call with concerns or questions.





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